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29 June 2012

Asset management

Mistra was formed in 1994 and started with assets of SEK 2.5 billion. These funds were derived from the previous ‘wage-earner funds‘. At year-end 2014, the assets amounted to SEK 3,1bn. Since the start, Mistra has disbursed SEK 3.6bn for various initiatives.
Since April 2007, the whole of Mistra´s assets under management have been placed according to sustainability criteria, to reflect Mistra´s remit of helping to solve environmental problems and working for sustainable development. This must be done with reasonable consideration of the requirements in Mistra´s Statutes of a good return and limited risk.

Investment rules

Mistra has no asset management of its own; instead, it uses external managers. Every year, the Board adopts an overall investment policy to govern the work of the Committee for Asset Management. This policy defines the aims of asset management. These include placing the assets in companies that clearly report on their own environmental and social impact, adverse as well as favourable, and in companies that work systematically to minimise the negative impact and optimise the positive impact of their activities.

Within this sector, asset management for sustainable development takes several forms. Mistra applies the concept of ‘socially responsible investment´ (SRI) in a broad sense. For Mistra, SRI contains three dimensions: economics, ecology, and cultural and social aspects.

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