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29 June 2012

External associates

Mistra is part of the Swedish innovation system for sustainable development. There are a number of other research funders with which Mistra, in various ways, sometimes interacts and cooperates in various ways in its initiatives.

Swedish Energy Agency external link, opens in new window
This Agency supports research and development aimed at providing new knowledge about energy provision, conversion, distribution and use.

Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning (Formas)external link, opens in new window
Formas supports basic and needs-driven research in three areas: the environment, rural primary production and urban development.

Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundationexternal link, opens in new window
This Foundation promotes scientific research and educational or study activities, primarily offering support for costly scientific equipment or for major research programmes.

NordForskexternal link, opens in new window
NordForsk, an autonomous body under the Nordic Council of Ministers, is responsible for Nordic collaboration in research and postgraduate education.

Riksbankens Jubileumsfondexternal link, opens in new window
RJ (sometimes known internationally as the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation) has the function of supporting scientific research by distributing project grants to individual researchers or research groups.

Swedish National Space Boardexternal link, opens in new window
The Board is in charge of all state-funded national and international R&D (research and development) activities relating to space in Sweden.

Knowledge Foundationexternal link, opens in new window
The Foundation works to promote broad use of IT in society, and supports research at small and medium-sized higher education institutions.

Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT)external link, opens in new window
STINT supports internationalisation of research, postgraduate education and higher education in all academic disciplines.

Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF)external link, opens in new window
SSF supports research in natural sciences, technology and medicine, and seeks to promote development of strong, world-class research environments that may help to strengthen Sweden´s future competitiveness.

Swedish Research Council (VR)external link, opens in new window
VR gives priority to and funds basic research of top quality in humanities and social sciences, medicine, natural and engineering sciences, and educational sciences.

Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA)external link, opens in new window
VINNOVA promotes sustainable growth and development in the business sector, society and the world of work through development of effective innovation systems and funding of needs-driven research and development.

Swedish Foundation for Health Care Sciences and Allergy Research (Vårdal Foundation)external link, opens in new window
This Foundation performs the task of supporting research and postgraduate education focusing on the healthcare sector and on allergies and other hypersensitivity.

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