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29 June 2012

How we work

Research from Mistra is intended to result in a good living environment and promote the development of strong research environments with a bearing on Sweden’s future competitiveness. The aim is that investments should contribute to the development of new products, services and working methods to meet society’s environmental challenges, by companies, public stakeholders and other users.

Active funding for sustainable development

To identify strategic areas for research initiatives, Mistra has an idea process for designing and developing research programmes. Mistra imposes stringent requirements in terms of the practical use of findings from research programmes and other investments, and their contributions to work for sustainable development. The requirement that investments in research programmes and other initiatives should lead to practical environmental benefits distinguishes Mistra from many other research funders. Mistra provides guidelines and advice on the form and activities of the initiatives, and monitors them actively throughout to ensure that the objectives are attained.

Mistra’s research initiatives exist for:

  • researchers wishing to work on problems whose solutions can benefit efforts to achieve sustainable development of society
  • Swedish companies wishing to develop ecofriendly products, services or production processes
  • public agencies and legislators wishing, on a scientific basis, to tighten up requirements applying to activities that may be harmful to the environment
  • international negotiators wishing to give a boost to international environmental efforts
  • voluntary or non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and other stakeholders involved in working for sustainable development of society.


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