29 augusti 2013

Clipore Policy Forum

A platform for dialogue between researchers, policymakers, negotiators, and the business and NGO communities.

The Clipore Policy Forum (CPF) created space for Clipore researchers and a range of stakeholders in the international climate negotiation process to engage in dialogue. Key stakeholder groups included: other researchers, negotiators and decision makers, the private sector, and environmental NGOs. Through the Policy Forum we organized, independently and in collaboration with other organizations, seminars and workshops of Swedish, European and Global focus and scope.

The CPF was intended to stimulate thinking, within and outside the programme. Specific activities we designed to: lift and broaden our view within Clipore; engage in discussions with stakeholders aimed at improved understanding of stakeholder perspectives and ensuring the continued relevance of our research; and facilitate outreach and the dissemination of Clipore research results.

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