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[2013-01-24] PlantCom Mistra filmer

[2012-08-31] Ladybird footprints induce aphid avoidance behaviour

[2012-08-23] Odla sortblandningar - hur och varför

[2011-05-13] Chemical interaction between undamaged plants — Effects on herbivores and natural enemies

[2011-03-15] Olfactory learning of plant genotypes by a polyphagous insect predator

[2011-01-10] Differential Regulation Of 3-Aminomethylindole/N-Methyl-3-Aminomethylindole N-methyltransferase And Gramine In Barley By Both Biotic And Abiotic Stress Conditions

[2010-12-16] Mapping resistance to the bird-cherry oat aphid (Rhopalosiphum padi L.) in barley

[2010-12-01] Effect of within-species plant genotype mixing on habitat preference of a polyphagous insect predator

[2010-10-21] Plant volatile-induced aphid resistance in barley cultivars is related to cultivar age

[2010-06-28] Plant Communication from an Ecological Perspective

[2010-01-22] The potential for modifying plant volatile composition to enhance resistance to arthropod pests

[2009-09-24] Infoblad PlantComMistra 2009

[2009-09-10] Weed—barley interactions affect plant acceptance by aphids in laboratory and field experiments

[2009-08-17] Airborne interactions between undamaged plants of different cultivars affect insect herbivores and natural enemies.

[2009-06-12] Aphid acceptance of Hordeum  genotypes is affected by plant volatile exposure and is correlated with aphid growth

[2009-03-13] Stronger induction of callose deposition in barley by Russian wheat aphid than bird cherry-oat aphid is not associated with differences in callose synthase or b-1,3-glucanase transcript abundance

[2009-03-10] Chemical stimuli supporting foraging behaviour of Coccinella septempunctata L (Coleoptera:Coccinellidae): volatiles and allelobiosis — a minireview

[2009-03-10] Host plant selection and feeding in Aphids as crop pests

[2009-03-04] Multivariate statistics coupled to generalised linear models reveal complex use of chemical cues by a parasitoid

[2009-03-04] Sustainable plant protection for increased food security in a changing climate

[2009-03-04] Microarray analysis of the interaction between the aphid Rhopalosiphum padi and host plants reveals both differences and similarities between susceptible and partially resistant barley lines

[2009-03-04] Infection with an insect virus affects olfactory behaviour and interactions with host plant and natural enemies in an aphid

[2008-04-08] Analysis of gene expression in barley upon aphid attack

[2008-04-08] Does volatile mediated communication between unifested plants influence the outcome of tests for resistance to herbivorous insects?

[2008-03-14] Chemical ecology in Aphids as crop pests.

[2008-03-13] Aphid acceptance of barley exposed to volatile phytochemicals differs between plants exposed in daylight and darkness.

[2008-02-29] An improved detection method for the Rhopalosiphum padi virus (RHPV) allows monitoring of its presence in aphid an movement within plants

[2006-06-28] Can Plants Discover Neighboring Plants by Volatile Signalling?

[2006-05-08] Breeding for inducible resistance against insects - applied plant breeding aspects


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