23 januari 2013

Background paper – Mistra Arctic Sustainable Development

Summary: The goal of the “Mistra Arctic Sustainable Development” Programme is to further advance knowledge of the social, economic and political aspects of sustainable development in the Arctic for the benefit of stakeholders, decision-makers, institutions, and people of the North. Key themes in this programme include implications of environmental change, resource development, transportation, globalization, and geopolitics and security.

This new programme should take advantage of the research capacity established during the preceding initiative titled, “Mistra Arctic Futures in a Global Context,” and should seek to broaden the base of support for continued efforts focused on the North and the higher Arctic.

The programme will require:
a) one comprehensive initiative;
b) a focus on social, economic, and political issues;
c) an interdisciplinary approach that integrates social science and humanities with
natural sciences, engineering, and other disciplines;
d) demonstrated value to users;
e) capacity building in the social science and humanities research communities;
f) international cooperation and coordination with research programs and
g) communication with a broad cross-section of audiences, including peoples of
the North, stakeholders, decision makers, researchers, and the general public.

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